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Ask-a-Grower #171-How do I identify different pests?

Can you please describe your pests in more detail.  How big are they? Where do they look like they are coming from? (Foliage or root zone)  What color are they? Do you see any other bugs that could be their larvae?  Do you see any damage on the plants? The wings are longer than the black body, and so small I need a magnifying glass. I have a few hundred on the yellow & blue stickies in 20×15 room. They fly and bump into my hoods. I seem to catch a bunch and used Azatrol in a hand sprayer all over. Any potential damage or signs to look for?

They sound like fungus gnats. If so, the flies don’t do really any damage other than being a nuisance.  However, their larvae live in the top few inches of the root zone and if untreated can cause major root damage and if the infestation gets too bad they can kill plants.  The best way to get rid of these bugs is repetition. Spray the tops of the root zone every day or every other day, (enough to soak down about 2 inches). I like to use Azamax or the SNS 203.  Both will help you out.  If you are still unsure and want better confirmation on the bugs, bring in those sticky traps with the bug so one of our employees can identify your lil pest.

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