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Ask-a-Grower #172-Can I convert a 240 volt digital ballast to 120 volts?

I have a Phantom 1000 watt ballast 240v; I was wandering if there is a way to convert it to a 120v?

Is your ballast currently hardwired to the 240v plug?  If it is, it is probably a 240v only.  We carry the Global Greenhouse digital ballasts.  They have a 240v only and an intellivolt.  The intellivolt has a removable plug which can be switched out for the different voltage.  You can also check the label on the ballast.  It should state the voltage.   You can also bring in the ballast for us to check out if you are unsure about the voltage.   I hope this has been helpful.  Please email or call any location if you have any more questions.

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