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The Chronicle -Issue 006- 25% OFF This Weekend

The Chronicle by San Diego Hydroponics

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It’s Mother’s Day, Treat Your Ladies Right

This weekend SD Hydro will be offering a 25% store wide discount* to all Loyalty Card Holders.  Get ahead this spring, these prices usually only exist on our customer appreciation days..

**House and Garden Nutrients and Global Greenhouse Lighting  products have maximum advertised price discount of 15%**

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Our New Broadcasts:

If you are intereseted in being part of our broadcasts,  please contact us at chronicle@

SD Hydro Featured Event

Firehouse Reunion
Don Carlos & Jr Reid

Rock Hill and seedleSs Present: Don Carlos and Junior Reid Inna – Firehouse Reunion with The Scientist On The Controls. Come check out the amazing show.

June 4th @ 4th & B

seedleSs clothing’s 4/20 party

Snoop Dogg, seedleSs, SD Hydro, all under one roof? On 4/20? That’s right! This year’s event was another great success that will go down in San Diego history. Presented by Rock Hill and seedleSs, the house was packed with a pumped crowd of fans eager for the performance by the iconic rapper and his…

click here to read more

Spend $50 & Get Free Shipping

Take advantage of FREE nationwide shipping on hundreds of growing items throughout our store. At you will find the lowest prices on an enormous selection from all of the leading brands and manufacturers. Low prices, Great service and Free Shipping on all orders over $50.

Store Update

* New South Bay location Coming Soon.
* Come see the new vertical aquaponics garden in our PB store.
* Check us out in Rosebud Magazine this month.

Website Update

* 3000+ NEW PRODUCTS!! The Sunlight Supply catalog will be coming online soon!!
* New Ask-A-Grower Podcast series launched with information packed interviews.
* New Articles & Grow tips being launched daily.
* Moving to faster servers to speed up user experience.
* FREE Gnat Stix – Ends 5/12/11 – Use Promo Code: Gnat Stix
* FREE Shipping – Orders over $50

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