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Ask-a-Grower #175-Can Stylet oil be used in the final stages of flowering?

I’ve had powdery mildew throughout my grow from the beginning. I’ve been able to control it but I am in the final stages of flowering and heard that SD Hydro makes a mineral oil that can be put all over the entire plant to prevent any more in the last stages. Is this true and can I get it at the San Marcos branch?

Yes, we have a mineral oil called “Stylet oil”.   We don’t make it, we just have it.  Stylet can be used throughout all stages of a plants life.  It is an organic mineral oil that controls powdery mildew among other molds and pests.  You can find Stylet oil at any SD Hydro location.

How far away from harvest are you?  I do not like to spray anything too late into flowering unless it is necessary.  I always recommend organic treatment or mildews, molds and pests. I hope this has helped you out.

I’m in week 7 of flowering. Getting yellowing and some purple on just the top leaves. Plants are about 4 feet tall in 5 gal. tall pots. Using fox farm ocean soil, fox farm extra strength, big bloom, nitrozime, hydrozime, cal-mag, m.o.a.b., and all at half strength. Started yellowing at week 6. I can tell that waiting to harvest for 9 to 10 weeks would be better for the plant to reach its full potential. So I was wandering since I’m so close to flushing do I really need to do anything?

Thank you for your question.  I actually had a few questions for you and I hope you are able to reply.  Have you ever flushed your plants?  Do you fertilize your plants every time you water? How often do you water?  Have you been feeding your plants  “fox farm extra strength, big bloom, nitrozime, hydrozime, cal-mag, m.o.a.b., and all at half strength” the entire bloom?

If not, how long have you been, and what were you feeding before?

I feed every other time I water.  I haven’t flushed at all but, my plants have been doing extremely well without it till now.  I figured the hygrozime helped keep it clean and also only feeding every other time and plan water the other ones.  I haven’t used the the entire bloom.  I used m.a.o.b once in the beginning at quarter strength and not again till week 6.  Root excels up to week 3.  Oh ya forgot to mention I’ve been using budswel the bat guano.   Gradually working that up to 30 mil per gal. started at 15.  The cal-mag, hygrozyme, and nirozime at 4 mil per gal. threw out the whole grow.  During veg. I used grow big and big bloom week 4-6 which was my last week before I started flower.The root excel at 1 mil per gal. all the veg. The first 2 weeks I added nothing to the fox farm ocean forest.  I’ve been using green cure to control my p.m. threw out the whole grow.

It sounds like you have been running your feeding schedule properly, so It’s hard to say if it is due to nutrient deficiencies.  What do you pH your nutrient solution to?  Have you kept your pH between 6.0-6.8.  If pH is not in the proper range your plants won’t be able to uptake the nutrients properly.  So even with nutrients present the plant cannot “feed” correctly.  Which can lead to toxic salt build- up and plants might show signs of deficiency.

Also, towards the last few weeks before harvest my plants will start to change color.  As the plant gets to end of its reproductive cycle (fruiting/flowering stage) the plant will use all of its remaining nutrients stored in the leaves. If my plants, fruits or flowers look healthy and I am nearing harvest I will continue my watering schedule until flush.

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