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Ask-a-Grower #176–What is the best way to control spider mites?

What is the best way to control spider mites?

There are many products out that can control spider mites. Some more effective than others, and some more natural than others.  Definitely the best way to control the spider mites is preventative.  I use Azamax and SNS 217 at different times for preventative sprays.  Both products are natural products.  SNS 217 is my personal favorite control for spider mites and has been the most effective product for mites that I’ve used in the past.  This is one of the only products that will actually kill the spider mite eggs as well as the mites.

Keep in mind SNS 217 works on contact, meaning the SNS 217 has to come into contact with the mites or eggs to be effective.  If you have mites in your garden spray SNS 217 every 3-7 days (depending on level of infestation) for a few weeks.  After the population of the pests has subsided, reduce sprays to a preventative schedule.  My schedule is SNS 217 one week, Magic green the next, then Azamax.  I repeat sprays with these three products until about week 3-4 of flower. I hope this has been able to answer your question.

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  • a ozone generator can cut down on them run at high inbetween cycles and low during cycles.

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