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Ask-a-Grower Podcast #24-HumCo Hydroponics


Introducing HumCo Hydroponics

We’re here with HumCo Hydroponics at the Maximum Yield Indoor Garden Expo 2011. We will
talk about HumCo Buckets with Adam.

Adam, can you tell us something about the buckets?

Yes. We have HumCo buckets that are made out of post consumer recycled green
buckets – so the green is green. It’s a very productive system, it works great, it’s made for
different plants. I think the consumers will enjoy them.

What is the concept behind the buckets? Can you just run two, twenty? Are there any restrictions?

No. You can run two to 200, whatever your need is.

How does it work? You run it on pumps, hoses? What should someone expect to set it up and get it going?

It’s a deep water culture, so your plants will be in the water all the time. That’s why
there is an air stone in each bucket to make sure there is plenty of air all the time, a
constant flow of water – like a slow flowing river – which makes sure the plants gets all the
nutrients and all the oxygen they need all the time.

The results we’ve seen in our store has been massive root bulbs. What causes the huge growth with your buckets?

I believe the constant flow of air and water. And also we’ve had wonderful results with the
House and Garden, it seems to do really good with this system. I think the mix of those is
the result of great production.

So it’s just moving the water around to bring new nutrients. Can you use rockwool, hydroton, any type of inert medium with the buckets? What do you need?

Yes – you can use any medium and also any nutrients that you like; whatever nutrients
or whatever your favorite medium is. Everything seems to really produce and work
wonderful with this system.

How much space do you need?

We can go from a small space like a 2 x 2 tent to as big as a gigantic warehouse.
It’s about personal preference.

How big the is reservoir and how many buckets can they service?

We have a 5 gallon bucket with the system that works as the brain, adding nutrients
and such. And we also have been setting up bigger systems with toggle switch to giant
reservoir, so that the reservoir can fill the systems as needed. Because once the plants
start having the big root bulbs, they can drink 1-2 gallons of water a day. Refilling the
water is crucial to keeping the plants healthy and productive.

Do roots ever get clogged in the pipes that go from bucket to bucket?

Every once in a while we have problems with that, but usually if you just turn your
bucket a little bit, once every couple of days as the plant grows; also make sure there
is plenty of air. Plants like air more than they like to grow into the tubes, pipes. If you have plenty of air
and keep up with turning your bucket, its good for the light on the plants and its good for the roots to keep moving them around as much as possible.

This is a true recirculating system, correct?

A true recirculating deep water culture system, yes. I believe it’s the slow movement of
water combined with plenty of oxygen, so that it never deficient in oxygen. Being in
a deep water culture, it always has the right PH and nutrients so that the plant can feed
24 hours a day without ever having to fill in drain system. It’s always sitting in the right
PH while it’s full and when it’s drained it’s not sitting in the the right PH, so I think having the
right PH and the right PPM’s all the time, your plant will be consistently in a grow mode.

Construction and assembly. When we go buy one of these, how do we receive it? Does it come in pieces? Is the assembly difficult, how long does it take?

It’s a simple system that comes in a box, with all the parts that you need. We found
that with some cooking pam it really works well at sticking them together, real simple –
maybe wipe it out a little after you’re done putting it together. And we had no problems at
all. It’s a simple system to put together and a simple system to use.

We’ve had people claiming that there are stems at the top of the plants that are now at the same size as the stems at the bottom after switching over and using it in one run. So we definitely have seen some results in our shops. Are there any new products coming out or is this the only one? Any advancements coming up?

We were looking at bigger buckets, also trying to start some outdoor bucket systems. We are
working on different lines that should be out by hopefully summertime. As they come out
we will let everybody know and we’ll get them into the stores.

Is there some intelligence behind using round buckets as opposed to other systems?

Well, the post consumer recycled buckets happen to come from Leaktight, which use all the
scraps from their store to make our green buckets. We try to be green, so that is how we
came up with those. In the future we will probably use square buckets, go for the growers
that want to grow bigger, even more productive plants.

What defines HumCo buckets, what makes you superior?

We’re the only company that has the recycled buckets, the post consumer recycled buckets.
I don’t think anyone has them. In the future the company will have the information to
keep everybody on the top of the grow schedule, to make sure everybody gets the most
productivity out of their systems.

Do you have to use a chiller with the bucket systems?

In certain areas it’s definitely necessary to keep your water around 70 degrees with the
correct PPM’s and PH, you can’t go wrong with that and get a huge yield. If your water
temperature pushes to 80 degrees, you will have a problem with root rot, so we
highly suggest you keeping the water temperature around 70 degrees to get the most
productivity out of the system. The way we do it: we try to keep the air pump out of the room, so the air that gets
pumped into the bucket does not get to 80 degrees. So if you have the air coming from
a 70 degree air room that helps a lot. If you can’t keep your water temperature at 70
degrees, then we would suggest a chiller.

Suppose I just got back from the hydro store with my Humco Bucket box, with my system in it, what else would you recommend we pick up when we purchase it?

Well, we make them custom in 4 x 4, 4 x 8 and 4 x 12 so they work great in a 4 x 4, 4
x 8 and 4 x 12 tent. If you have a custom room or a custom set up, we make custom
systems for any room size or dimensions, anything you need, we are there to build the
system for you.

So if you are interested in customizing, make sure you contact and we can put you in contact to get the custom buckets system in any size you want. Thank you very much for being with us here today. Would like to add anything more about the buckets?

Well, no. But thank you guys for participating and being a dealer, and hopefully in the
future we can do plenty of business and everyone will be happy with the system we
Folks, if you have any questions about the HumCo Buckets make sure you go to and submit them there.

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