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Ask-a-Grower Podcast #27-Organic All Phase-The Other Tomato


Introducing Organic All Phase – The Other Tomato

Hi. Welcome to Ask-a-Grower.
We are here today at SDhydroponics at our 2011 version of Customer Appreciation
We are going to talk to Larry of The Other Tomato. They have a new product; actually
it’s an old product that started to get some buzz around here in San Diego. We wanted
to get him in here for an interview.

How has it been going today, Larry?

It’s a great day here. I feel like I am in a gun fight with a knife, because there’re so many
people, so many more than I thought would show up; a wonderful day with food and drink
and an opportunity to find out about our new product. We’ve talked to a lot of people here.
Well if you want to follow along, visit

Tell us a little bit about Organic All Phase.

Organic All Phase was a 17-year process; 17 years ago they came up with something in
this form and it was engineered not for growing, but actually for odor control, for water
treatment plants. Being an all organic company with World Wide Organics that owns
The Other Tomato, it started and it evolved from that. About 10 years ago we were selling
it for odor control and water treatment plants. We tried it on some rose bushes one time.
I remember I had my own rose bush with 10 blooms and after using All Phase (it wasn’t
called All Phase then), I had 55 blooms coming out. Since then it’s been reformulated
a bunch of times and you come up with what is now – Organic All Phase used for all

Is Organic All Phase a base nutrient? It’s something you use all the way through growing, but is it a base?

Absolutely not a base, it’s everything except a base nutrient. When you talk about the
formulas, we try to simplify a formula. When you want to grow, you probably have 8 or
9 products you can pick from, maybe even more. It’s not NPK, it’s not a food and it is
not a fertilizer. But it’s everything else. It’s enzymes, trace minerals, we’ve got fulvic
and humic acids, we got amino acids, various complex B vitamins and it’s got all of the
beneficial bacteria: bacillus and all the words I can’t pronounce, that everyone else knows
about. All the bacteria that you would want to grow with. Now, the biggest part of our
growing process is that we put black strap molasses in this formula and we recommend
using it in the clone box, of course not with any fertilizer in the clone box. If you’re using
it in the clone box you get a real good pop in growth from the clone box. Then when
you get out of the clone box and you start using it with your A and B fertilizer (use it
every time you use a fertilizer) use our product one ounce per gallon. And I always refer
to Emerald Legasi putting bam in his recipes. He doesn’t put bam just at the end. So we
don’t put the black strap molasses in just at the end. When he does a recipe, his paella,
or whatever may be, he’ll put in his seasoning and he’ll bam it at the beginning, in the
middle and at the end. Therefore he has a great taste to what he’s making.
We do the same thing, we have black strap molasses in this formula and you use it every
time you use a fertilizer. Therefore at the end, when you’re yielding whatever you’re
growing: tomatoes, herbs, whatever it may be it has the sweetest taste you can ever
imagine. Our product is used in aeroponic, hydroponics, soil systems; it’s even used as
a misting spray, as a foliar spray. We also soak seeds in the solution, because it’s got so
much in it. And like I said, it’s everything except a fertilizer.

You’ve mentioned bacteria and the entire active beneficial inside of it, so is it usable with hydrogen peroxide product or any type of bacteria free system?

Actually, it’s so simple, that people don’t believe it. We talked with some people that
said “I use it with this, I use it with that”. I recommend using it with your A and B, that’s
it. When we meet somebody that wants to grow with our product, we actually give him
a free sample, because it is hard to believe that this does everything that all the other
products on the shelf do. I repeat, use it with a fertilizer – that is all.

Your base line for The Other Tomato is environmentally safe and proven effective. Why is The Other Tomato environmentally safe?

If I give you a sample of this product, you would see little white specs, if it’s cold outside,
and that’s the yeast in it. And that is a yogurt based product. Totally organic, you can over
use this product by 3 or 4 ounces, it’ll never hurt anything. You can underuse it, but you
won’t get the full effect, the cost effect. All the time that we’ve been interviewing here
I’ve said that you don’t need anything else. There’s one instance that I would tell you that
you might use some Cal-Mag if you’re getting some yellow on your leaves or whatever
you’re growing. That’s all you would add to it. Otherwise this is an all inclusive product.
It’s all organic, very safe. You can’t hurt your plant by over using it.

The next part, proven effective – that’s a bold statement. Is there some place that people can go look for some data or look for some proven results?

We always say “we put our money where our mouth is”. We give free samples away
pretty regularly. In addition, you can go on YouTube. There are some customers that
have gone a little crazy, to tell you the truth, on taping what they’ve done and they do. A
lot of our competitors do a comparison and they show you right there. This one fellow
grows grapefruits in Florida and he shows you amazing difference. So you can talk to
anybody at San Diego Hydroponics, people have used it here. They will tell you this
by the first hand knowledge, not just talking out of their shoe. They’ve really used this
product. And again, we’ve given samples away so they can use the product. It’s hard to
believe that this is an all inclusive product and you don’t need anything else off the shelf
except your NPK.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate having you on Ask-a-Grower. Is there anything else you want to add? We’ve pretty much heard it from the horse’s mouth right now.

We’re really proud of our product. We just hope you try it and if you try it we know
you’re coming back to San Diego Hydroponics to buy it.
If you need to find store locations you can go to
Thanks for listening to this version of Ask-a-Grower; you can see a full transcription
of this on our website as well.

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