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Ask-a-Grower Podcast #29-Supernatural


Introducing Supernatural

Hi folks, we are here with Miles from Supernatural. You may have seen that quirky looking bottle on hydro store shelves. They’ve been around forever.

Why don’t you tell us a little bit about Supernatural, Miles?

Basically, Supernatural were a one part, we’ve been around forever. Now don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean we haven’t made any changes or advancements. Our products are better than ever. It’s one part, it’s simple, it’s great for new-growers, it’s PH buffered – you
don’t need a PH pen – as long as your water is drinkable; it’s got tons of Cal-Mag, it has ammonia free calcium nitrate in it. It’s buffered so it
will start lower on the PH scale and it will slowly rise. And if you use soil, it will slowly rise in the soil. If you use hydroponics it will slowly rise. By
the end of the week you will be in an area of 6.2, 6.3, right where you want it. Trying to make a powder – it’s tough. That’s why not too many companies
do it. Powders make sense. We ship it all around the world; England loves us. Try to get the competition to make a powder; I would like to
see it, because our powders dissolve great. You can use it in drip systems. You’re never going to have sludge on the bottom of your res. It’s wonderful. You get real great yields with Supernatural. I’ve tried other things and I’ve liked other things. But obviously, I always go back to Supernatural, and so do all my friends.

So it is a base nutrient and all the additives in one?

Exactly, yes. Our base nutrients are complete nutrients. You shouldn’t have to add anything to it and that’s the thing, because when you start adding additives, that’s when you will mess up your PH.

Why don’t you walk us through the products that you guys have.

Basically, we have Terra line and then we have and Aqua line. Terra line is for your soil, Aqua for your hydroponic. So we have grow foryour veg, bloom for your flowering and super boost for your late flowering. With Super Boost, we recommend to use it with Bud Blaster.Now Bud Blaster is our bread and butter. Everyone has heard of it. And people use it with other lines as well. I know people that use it with
GH, with House and Garden, with Advanced. It works great; it does what the name says.

If you would like to see some of their products, go to

What is the source ingredients for Supernatural products? Are you guys organic, not organic? What makes up your products?

It’s synthetic and we take everything out of what you don’t need and give the plants exactly what they do need. Of course organics are great, but we joke that ours is super-organic and that it gives the plant everything it needs.

Cost effective, is it concentrated as other products and how does it compare at the end of the run with the other products?

It’s definitely cost effective. I have a lot of customers that tell me that we are we are actually one of the cheaper brands to use and run and that get amazing results.

Does dosage change as you progress? Is there a schedule that we can find somewhere?

Definitely. Feeding schedule is on our website at Of course with most lines you should be starting off at half-strength, adjusting as you get used to the product line and as you start using it more. I’ve run my PPMs quite higher than what’s recommended and it’s based on what you’re growing, what strains and such.

What type of water do we use, does tap water matter?

As long as you water is drinkable, our PH buffering capabilities will take care of your water.

Perfect. Do you have any new products coming out soon?

We actually do. We just had a product coming out called Instant Jungle. And it’s an aerosol foliar spray. Our aerosol has no CFC’s and
it’s not flammable, it’s a bag-on valve technology. It’s a bag full of liquid and its compressed air around it. This product had all sorts
of different ingredients. We have tons of different micro nutrients in it. There’s a surfactant, which is a natural plant steroid, it has a
wetting agent in there. When you spray it comes out like a fog and you use it upside down so you can use it underneath the leaves. As with any
foliar feeding, you will maximize your results with your plants.

Can you talk to us about the Excellofizz?

Excellofizz was created as a cheaper solution to introduce CO2 to their systems. It’s a cost effective way. Basically, retail wise, it works out to four dollars a puck. You drop it in a bucket of water – don’t put it your res, just put it in a separate bucket of water – it will fizz
away for about 5 hours. It will release a healthy amount of CO2 to your plants. If you don’t want to put your money up front to get a burner,
or CO2 tanks, this will save you a lot of money. It’s a great way to introduce people to CO2 because it’s cost effective.

Are there any quirks about your product line? Some growers come up with one type of nutrient line that gives them a little sludge, this nutrient line is giving me algae. Is there anything you could help growers using Supernatural avoid?

A lot of people are afraid of powders, because back in the day, they had a bad reputation, because they didn’t dissolve right
and they’d clog up systems. We use super high quality ingredients. We only use the best and that is why our powders dissolve nicely. You have
to give them a second to dissolve. Always add it to your final volume of water. Never mix it up as a concentrate and then pour in. You’llnever have a problem with sludge on the bottom, drip lines. But that is probably the biggest things we fight on. People don’t like powders. The funny thing is that people buy different products and you’re basically buying water and shipping water around, which isn’t cost effective and
definitely not environmental friendly, whereas powders for that sake do make sense.

If you use Supernatural in your soil, can you go back and reuse the soil afterwards?

Yes, our soil is reusable. We actually own our own bog that we skim off the top layer of the soil; we do it in an environmentally friendly way. It is a virgin soil, comes out with volcanic ash in it, comes right out at 7 and we mix it with perlite and with Leonardite, it helps pull out anything in it. As long as you leach, you can reuse our soil. A lot of people don’t understand that, but once you try it and reuse it… I have friends that reuse it up to 8 times.

You reuse it right up to harvest or you can stop for a flush?

I highly suggest flushing all the way throughout. With any nutrient line you should flush all the way thorough. You can yield a lot better product at the end result.

What has inspired the Supernatural bottle label? I’ve always been curious about it.

That’s a tough one to answer, basically simplicity. It’s kind of like Campbell’s soup. We’re not going to bother trying to change too much on it. People know what it is. People walk up to the shelf, you see it, you can’t miss it. It’s simple, thats’s the way it will always stay.

Where can people find some results of Supernatural products?

You can go to YouTube and search Terraponics tree of life, and the top result is done by a man in England. He loves our stuff and he puts it up
there. You can check it out for yourselves. It’s called Terraponics – tree of life.

Thanks for being here with us Miles. It was great. Supernatural. What’s your website?

You can listen to the full podcast or read the transcription at If you have any other
questions for Supernatural, fell free to submit them at

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