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Nitrogen Boost By House And Garden Nutrients

Nitrogen Boost By House and Garden Nutrients

House & Garden Nutrients is excited to announce the release of the latest addition to their product line, Nitrogen Boost.  Nitrogen Boost is carefully formulated to provide growers with a safe, high-quality form of pure nitrogen.  Using Nitrogen Boost will provide your plants with the necessary nitrogen to optimize plant growth, enhance blossoms in ornamental plants, and promote heavier fruits and vegetables.

When plants are in the vegetative stage, they require greater amounts of nitrogen, which is the key element in development of leaves and stems. A nitrogen deficiency during the vegetative growth period leads to stunted growth with yellowing of leaves, beginning in the tips of the lower leaves and spreading throughout the plant as the deficiency intensifies.  In extreme deficiencies, the affected leaves will become brownish, wither, die and hang down around the lower stem.

InNitrogen Boost By House and Garden Holland, it is typical for gardeners to grow many small plants and to only keep their plants in the vegetative stage for one or two weeks. Under this method, plants stay small and their need for nitrogen is relatively low.  As House & Garden’s base nutrients were originally formulated with the Dutch market in mind, they may lack the higher levels of nitrogen required to support large, heavy-feeding plants.  To produce such plants, the vegetative cycle must be extended and levels of nitrogen must be increased.

Nitrogen Boost should be used throughout the entire vegetative stage at the rate of 1-4 ml per gallon, depending on needs of the plant.  When using Nitrogen Boost, it’s best to add very small amounts of it at a time. Nitrogen Boost is extremely concentrated and overuse can “burn” plants and damage leaves.  Immediately flush plants with clean water at the first sign of nutrient burn.

For Detailed usage instructions, please refer to House and Garden’s feed charts or nutrient calculator.

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