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BeThe Chronicle-Issue 010-Harvest Issue

The SD Hydro Chronicle - Harvest Issue

In this issue from128.199.117.192:

Benefits of Silica  –  Amino Treatment  –  Free Chart  –  Holiday Deals –  Visit Amsterdam

How would you like to increase your plants’ resistance against common fungal diseases, such as powdery mildew and gray mold? Are you looking for an environmentally friendly way to protect your plants against stress, heat, and other problems? Did you know that silica applications can do all this and it could increase the weight and shelf life of your crop too?
Plants benefit in many ways from adding silica to their diet. Silica is an essential building block for the structure of your plants. These benefits include accelerated growth rates as well as… (read more)

Product Spotlight: Amino Treatment by House & Garden NutrientsProduct Spotlight:

Amino Treatment is a groundbreaking new product from House and Garden Nutrients containing high quality silica and amino acids specifically formulated to encourage root development, vegetative growth, fruit formation, and flower production.  Amino acids are the basic building blocks for proteins and enzymes, which are essential to the structure and the metabolism of plants. Adding amino acids to your nutrient program has been shown to increase chlorophyll concentration in the plant, enabling a higher degree of photosynthesis and growth. As a result plants can produce larger, better-formed fruits and flowers with increased flavors and aromas… (read more)

Free Printable Garden Reference & Conversion Chart
Free Gift

How many times have you been preparing your plants next meal only to find your recipe calls for ounces and your measuring cup is milliliters or some other unit of measure? This frustrating scenario of converting weights and metrics usually leads us to a having to leave our garden to go consult Google.  In an effort to save you some time and frustration, we’ve created a Garden Reference and Conversion Chart. Simply print it out and post it where you can refer to it in your mathematically challenging times.

Holiday Deals!!

Global Greenhouse Lighting Package Sale
Global Greenhouse Lighting Package Sale
Bulb + Ballast + Hoods – 400w600w1000w
Buy Amino Treatment-Get Free MOAB Prices Have Been Cut - Fiskars Harvest Sale.
Buy House & Garden’s Amino Treatment
Get Free Mad Farmer MOAB
Rock Bottom Harvest Sale Prices
On All Fiskars Shears

More Details:

Click Here – Buy Amino Treatment House & Garden 250ml or 1L
Click Here – Fiskars Harvest Time Blowout Sale
Click Here – GGL Packages Bulb + Ballast + Hoods – 400w600w1000w

Win A Free Trip To Amsterdam
Enter House & Garden Nutrients “Holland-Daze” vacation giveaway. You and your guest will be flown to Holland and will be staying at The Grand Sofitel Legend in the heart of Amsterdam. You will be given a personal tour of House &Garden’s state of the art facility.  You will also receive coupons, discount promotions, growing tips AND more chances to win! Click here to enter

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