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Compost Tea Recipe by Organic Bountea

What is Compost Tea?

Compost tea is an organic liquid fertilizer made by steeping, or brewing, compost in water. Regular applications of compost tea can boost the number and diversity of microorganisms in the soil, improving soil structure and increasing the health and vigor of plants.

Some of the many benefits of compost tea include:

  • Increases the number and diversity of beneficial microorganisms
  • Improves plant nutrition by increasing nutrient availability
  • Strengthens the heartiness and shelf life of your harvest
  • Improves nutrient retention in the soil
  • Enhances the aroma of fruits and blossoms
  • Protects plant surfaces against disease-causing organisms
  • Is 100% safe and natural and cannot be over-applied

How to make compost tea:

To easily and consistently produce high-quality compost tea, we recommend using the Bountea Compost Tea Brew Kit. Bountea brew kits are natural, organic, and highly concentrated, revitalizing your soil with essential microbes and enabling plants to grow faster, stronger and healthier.

Bountea’s ready-to-use compost tea brewer includes a brewing container, air diffuser, air pump, and filter bag, along with instructions and a CD. It also includes 3 bags of Alaska Humisoil, 1 lb. Bountea Bioactivator, ¼ lb. Root Web, and 1 lb. Marine Mineral Magic M3.

Bountea’s Alaska Humisoil is ethically harvested in Alaska and is guaranteed to be free of any additives, chemicals, or pollutants. Extensively tested by independent laboratories, this humus has been found to contain an extraordinary diversity of both bacteria and fungi.

Bioactivator is a proprietary blend of microbial nutrients designed to create the most effective balance of bacteria and fungi in the compost tea. Unlike liquid molasses, which produces a heavily bacterial brew that burns itself out fast, Bountea’s Bioactivator provides a balance of carbohydrates and proteins in different forms to create a diverse microbial ecology.

To further strengthen and support the plant root systems, the Bountea System includes two added products, Root Web and Marine Mineral Magic M3.

Bountea Root Web contains spores of mycorrhizae and other beneficial fungi that increase resistance to disease. These enhance the ability of plant root systems and help transport nutrients over great distances.

Marine Mineral Magic M3 contains high-grade fish protein with a full spectrum of minerals and trace elements. When added to Bountea Compost Tea, the microbes transform the nutrients in the M3 into plant-available nutrients. M3 promotes strong healthy growth of leaves and shoots during the vegetative phase.

When used correctly, the ingredients of the Bountea Compost Tea Brew Kit work together to create a powerful and balanced approach to growing. Once you start brewing and see the amazing results, you are unlikely to ever go back to growing without Bountea.

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