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Living Christmas Tree Programs

For this holiday season, celebrate the gift of life with a living Christmas tree. Each year, thousands of Americans embrace the tradition of choosing a Christmas tree for their home and decorating it with their families. Part of that custom includes going to a Christmas tree lot where countless trees are cut down to decorate a living room for a few short weeks. Those same trees die not long after being cut and get thrown away by the thousands, filling landfills across the country after a painfully short lifespan.

As the time approaches to choose a tree, put a “green” spin on this timeless tradition and choose a “living” Christmas tree, with its roots still intact.  A live tree is an eco-friendly and responsible alternative to a cut tree. You enjoy the benefit of a fresh live tree in your home and that tree gets to continue living even after the Christmas season has passed. When you are finished with it, there are several options for the future of your tree. It can be planted in your back yard as a permanent addition to your landscape, it can be donated to a local park or organization to be planted, or you can keep it in a potted container for use next Christmas. Regardless of the option you choose, all of them are better than adding yet another dead tree to the local landfill.
Choosing a live tree is a great way to educate your loved ones about planting trees, recycling, and making environmentally conscious decisions. If you are feeling creative, you can even “go out on a limb” and choose to decorate a different variety of tree, one that you would like to plant in your yard anyways – perhaps a fruit tree or a tropical palm. Either way, the idea is to have fun and set a good example – to truly celebrate the spirit of Christmas and feel good about it!

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