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Foliar Feeding with House & Garden’s Magic Green

magic green foliar fertilizer

House & Garden’s Magic Green is the leading foliar spray fertilizer that provides essential nutrients and protects the plant against external threats such as insects and mold. With every spray, Magic Green forms a protective film on the leaves to prevent insects and mold from damaging the plant. This product will nourish your plants from the outside in, helping to green-up plants in all phases of growth.

Magic Green contains all macronutrients and trace elements, and is particularly useful for minimizing stress in plants, optimizing nutrient uptake and encouraging bigger, healthier plants. This mild, organic plant fertilizer is absorbed directly by the leaves and naturally restores the plant’s deep green color and vitality.

Spray Magic Green when your light is off and cool to avoid burning. Magic Green should be applied as a fine mist so that the entire leaf surface is wetted. Spray all leaf surfaces – particularly the tops and the undersides – until the liquid begins to drip off the leaves. Use sparingly on bud sites. Keep proper air circulation moving around your plants after application for optimal results.

As with all House & Garden products Magic Green is highly concentrated. All nutrients and additives are made with pharmaceutical and/or food grade ingredients in small batches to ensure optimal consistency. Magic Green is packaged in lightproof packaging ensuring its quality, with a sealed lid to guarantee that the product stays fresh.

Apply 5-10 ml per gallon of Magic Green as a spraying solution on a regular weekly basis, or when the crop comes under high nutrient demand, such as early fruit set and heavy fruit loading. Often the greatest response to foliar feeding will occur during the active growth phases of plants, when leaves show a particularly high ability for absorbing nutrients.

Magic Green must be used within 6 hours of mixing, as the solution becomes anaerobic after this point. Some gardeners prefer to set the pH of the solution between 6.0 and 7.0, with the water around 75°F (24°C) for best results.

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