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Cutting Edge Solutions Review

cutting edge solutionsIf you’re a new indoor gardener, Cutting Edge Solutions is an excellent way to start growing. Their products are very simple to use, pH stable, and effective for a wide variety of plants.

Sonoma Gold Grow and Sonoma Gold Bloom formulations are organic all-purpose fertilizers to be used during the vegetative and flowering cycles, respectively.  However if you want the ability to dial in your nutrient regiment further, their 3-part fertilizer (Grow Micro Bloom) formula can be used.  This three part hydroponic fertilizer was developed in Northern California, where a wide range of water quality issues and diverse microclimates can make hydroponic growing difficult.  Different ratios of each are used during different growth phases.

Plant Amp is pure chelated calcium. Its low molecular weight provides improved transport into the plant body, meaning the calcium is easily assimilated by plants and transferred into cell growth. Calcium is an integral part of cell wall development, and the overall ability of a plant to grow to it’s maximum potential.  Mag Amped is a pure form of low molecular weight magnesium.  Magnesium is the primary element involved in chlorophyll production. Chlorophyll essentially equates to the source of a plant’s energy. Mag Amped amplifies the overall chlorophyll production in plants.

Uncle John’s Blend was developed to reduce stress and increase flower and fruit production.  When using a high phosphorus bloom formula, a plant’s metabolism is boosted during flowering. Uncle John’s Blend helps to alleviate deficiencies that can occur from stress as a result of increased metabolic function.  It supplies a low molecular weight form of potassium, which is readily available for plant uptake. Potassium acts as the primary electrolyte for energy to enhance photosynthesis and the formation of complex aromatic esters and flavonoids, creating more intense perfume in aromatic flowers and richer flavors in fruits.

Organic T-Rex is a liquid mycorrhizal additive that is custom blended in Northern California.  It should be used on cuttings and transplants, but not after that as it can cause the plant to take up more calcium and stretch out over time.  Organic G-Rex is another soil fungi with some of the same properties, but it does not cause the same growth response so it is intended for all stages of plant growth.

Sugaree is an organic supplement designed to provide a natural source of energy for fruit set close to harvest.  Sugar production can be restricted as the plant’s metabolism fades with the end of the season. Sugaree frees up these missing carbohydrates in a readily available organic form, providing the plant with the energy it requires to fuel respiration that drives fruit set.  It replaces Uncle John’s Blend for the last 3 weeks (including flush).

*SPECIAL NOTE: Plant Amp contains organic compounds that have weakly bonded low pH properties, which can cause a temporary “false” low pH reading. Do not adjust pH up. The pH will raise naturally as the weak bonds breakdown and the plant uptakes the calcium in one or two days. There is no problem with watering straight away with the initially low reading pH.

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