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Mad Farmer Nutrients

by Sunny Datko

house & garden amino treatment moab special offerMad Farmer is a line of plant enhancements, additives and nutrient controls formulated specifically for hydroponics. With no dyes and food grade ingredients, their products are clean, stable and concentrated.

Mother of All Blooms (MOAB) supplies your flowering plants with extreme levels of food grade phosphorus and potassium to produce dramatic results in your garden. MOAB also contains reagent grade B-1 to reduce shock and assist in growth.  You can use it during the first week of bloom to enhance fruit and flower sets and during the last 2 weeks of flower before flush.

Get Up and Get Down can be used to raise or lower pH levels in liquid nutrient solutions.  They are compatible with all brands of nutrients, organic and/or synthetics.

Mad Farmer’s Nutrient Uptake Solution (NUTS) is an OMRI certified, cold-water extracted fulvic acid derived from humic shale. Fulvic acid acts to naturally chelate nutrients. These properties result in higher nutrient uptake as well as increased vitality.  It can be used as a foliar spray or in conjunction with regular feeding schedules.  Fulvic acid works well as a pH down, so it is recommended to leave it as the last ingredient added to your nutrient solution.

Oxygenator is a 35% aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution (35% hydrogen peroxide).  The molecular structure of the hydrogen peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water, providing oxygen in the purest form to any nutrient solution. It also kills any unwanted bacteria.  Regular use will control algae and other water borne microbes. Beware though, it will also kill any beneficial bacteria in the process.  Not recommended for use in soil.

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