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Product Spotlight: Gardening with Sanctuary Soils

San Diego Hydroponics & Organics is excited to announce its partnership with Sanctuary Soil and Feed, Inc.  Based in Central California, Sanctuary Soil provides premium quality earthworm castings, custom soils, potting mixes and soil amendments. With Sanctuary Soil products, you will always get the best soil mixes and earthworm castings in convenient, easy to manage bagged products.  We have had excellent results with Sanctuary Soils and are excited to bring them directly to you!

Buckaroo Brand
Premium Worm Castings

Completely safe for the environment, children, and pets, Buckaroo Worm Castings deliver a rich blend of soluble plant nutrients and natural growth enhancing compounds, promoting a diverse and populous group of microbial life. The plant is delivered an ongoing, reliable food source, and they aid in increasing the complexity and diversity of organisms in the root zone, helping to suppress fungal diseases.  Completely odorless and guaranteed not to burn plants, these castings are excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.

Big City Hydro-Mix
Premium Indoor Blend

Well suited for heavy feeding Big City Hydro-Mix Premium Indoor Blend encourages vigorous root growth and is pH buffered for quality results. Works in all hydroponic systems. Contains coconut coir, triple washed perlite, composted humus, worm castings and lava rock.

Empire Builder
This is all-natural soil is perfectly mineral-balanced and enhanced with beneficial microorganisms. Many growers agree that this is the best soil on the market.  Excellent for use in large containers, grow bags, raised beds, or for any planting or pot used outside.  Works well with all nutrient-feeding programs.

Clean Green Certified
All products from Sanctuary Soil are Clean Green licensed, including their nutrients, living potting mixes, and bio-beneficial soils & garden amendments. The Clean Green program uses a combination the highest agricultural standards, advisory board recommendations, and national and international organic standards. The goal of the Clean Green Certified program is to assist in building consumer confidence in the quality of the certified products that they were both produced in a sustainable manner, and when ever possible produced regionally to where they are being marketed.

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