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Product Spotlight: EcoPlus Water Chillers

by Sunny Datko

ecoplus water chiller hydroponicsEcoPlus Water Chillers – Keep Your Reservoir A Consistent Temperature

Whether your garden is an ebb and flow, top-feed drip, aeroponic, nutrient film technique (NFT), or deep water culture (DWC) system, maintaining your reservoir temperature is crucial for getting the best results. Your plants will benefit most by maintaining a consistent temperature of 60-70ºF.  Large fluctuations in water temperature can cause stunted growth and lower yields. Temperatures that are too high will most likely lead to pythium or other unwanted root pathogens. Temperatures that are too cold will lead to decreased nutrient uptake.

The EcoPlus Water Chiller provides a safe and reliable way to keep your reservoir a consistent temperature.  Made from high performance titanium heat exchanger for optimum performance and corrosion resistance, the EcoPlus is suitable for use in reservoirs, hydroponic systems & fresh or saltwater aquariums. A typical application uses a submersible pump within the reservoir which pumps nutrient solution through the chiller unit and returns it back to the reservoir, keeping your nutrient solution at a desired temperature. For best results, use in conjunction with a pump filter bag.

All recirculating hydroponic systems are compatible with the EcoPlus water chiller. Simply set the digital thermostat to the desired temperature and watch the combination unit keep the temperature dialed to within 2°F. Allow the chiller to set upright, on its feet, for 30 minutes prior to plugging in.   There is a one year limited warranty on all EcoPlus chillers.


1/10 (0.1) HP

  • Fittings are 1/2” and the BTU is 950.
  • 120V-60Hz/280 watts/2.3 amps.
  • Capable of Chilling: 93 gal – 10° F/35 gal – 30° F.
  • Pump Size: Minimum 132 GPH/Maximum 264 GPH.

1/4 (0.25) HP

  • Fittings are 3/4″ and the BTU is 2200.
  • 120V-60Hz/480 watts/4 amps.
  • Capable of Chilling: 170 gal – 10° F/100 gal – 30° F.
  • Pump Size: Minimum 633 GPH/Maximum 1056 GPH.

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