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Plant Success’ Great White And Orca-Premium Biological Inoculants

By Helene Isbell

Plant Success has established itself as a trusted brand in the hydroponic and gardening industry as a leading supplier of beneficial inoculants. Great White and Orca by Plant Success are names that have become synonymous with premium quality mycorrhizae and are increasing in popularity as growers experience their benefits with first hand results.

Mycorrhizae refer to the symbiotic relationship between a group of beneficial fungi and the root zone of plants. The word mycorrhiza is a derivative of two Greek words – ‘mykes’ meaning fungus, and ‘rhiza’ meaning root.  The relationship between the two is symbiotic because the fungus and the rhizophere (root zone) of the plant mutually help one another to thrive.  The fuzzy strands of the mycelium network, known as “hyphae” feed off sugars that the plants produce during photosynthesis. The large surface area of the fungus allows the plant’s root zone access to increased water absorption and uptake of vital minerals and nutrients.

Great White is the most diverse blend of mycorrhizal inoculants available on today’s market. It features 8 endo and 7 ecto species of mycorrhizae, 19 types of beneficial bacteria, 2 species of trichoderma, glycine, and comes enriched with vitamins.

Orca is a new addition to the Plant Success product line. The highly concentrated biological liquid inoculant was developed with the hydroponic gardener in mind. Orca is a powerful blend of 4 endo mycorrhizal species and also boasts 19 types of beneficial bacteria. The super clean formula is 100% water soluble for easy application in hydro gardens.

The super concentrated, water-soluble powder or liquid can be applied directly to plant roots. The high spore count ensures optimal fungal colonization. Great White and Orca will help to reduce plant stress, increase fruit/flower production and nutrient uptake, while promoting explosive root growth and healthy soil structure.

In the wild, a large majority of plants naturally rely on mycorrhizal systems to ensure plant quality and optimum fertility. Plant Success’ has replicated the functions of Mother Nature to offer growers the very best in biological inoculants, giving gardens the components they need to operate at peak performance. Try Great White and Orca to experience a simple and cost effective way to improve plant health and maximize crop production.

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