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Product Spotlight: Mad Farmer Silica Shield

Soluble Silica – The Key To Success In The Garden    

Silica is an amazing supplement that works wonders in both indoor and outdoor gardens. It is compatible in both soil and hydro gardens. With the simple addition of silica into your regular nutrient regime, your garden will experience a diverse array of benefits.

Silica is a very vital but an often over looked component to complete plant health. Silica helps to build and strengthen cells walls of plants, creating strong sturdy stalks and branches that can support the weight of dense, ripe fruits. The addition of silica will also increase the thickness of leaf structure, creating strong leathery leaves that are harder for insects to bite through.

Silica is also great for increasing resistance to environmental stress. This is exceptionally important for outdoor growers that face adverse conditions such as extreme levels of heat or cold, drought, wind, fungi or bug problems. Using soluble silica as a foliar spray creates a protective “shield” that is effective in warding off fungal diseases and sucking insects such as aphids. The use of silica in general will create a healthy plant immune system that can tolerate a harsh environment much easier than those without silica.

Silica Shield by Mad Farmer is an exceptional silica product. At 8% silicon dioxide, Mad Farmer’s Silica Shield ranks among one of the most highly concentrated silica products available on the market. With 3% soluble potash, it is also providing potassium to plants. It can be used as either a foliar spray or as a feed. It is formulated in the USA using the finest quality ingredients available.


Mad Farmer’s Silica Shield provides plants with additional levels of silicon and potash. Silicon helps promote cell division, which strengthens plant tissue by fortifying the cell walls. This increases the rigidity of stems and stalks, which allow the plants to bear more weight and support dense, heavy fruit.  Additionally, silicon helps to increase tolerance to adverse environmental stresses such as insect and fungi damage, drought, and extreme temperatures. Silica Shield is compatible with all nutrients and mediums and is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Ingredients Explained:

Potassium Silicate – A soluble liquid supplement that provides potassium and silicon that benefit plants in many ways.

Directions For Use:

1.    Shake well before using.
2.    For best result use with every watering.
3.    May be used as a foliar feed or added to the nutrient mix for application.
4.    May increase the pH of the nutrient solution. Use Mad Farmer Get Down to lower pH levels.

Available Sizes:

•    1 Quart
•    1 Gallon
•    2.5 Gallon
•    6 Gallon

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4 thoughts on “Product Spotlight: Mad Farmer Silica Shield

  • Does anyone know if Silica Shield full strength foliar application burns pistils? I am currently on a 50 50 skim milk and water weekly foliar for powdery midew control, would foliar applied silica be as effective? Have used MF silica shield in my nutrient solution for awhile now, very satisfied, awesome stuff.

  • Burned pistils can be caused by a number of factors including any type of foliar spray applied with any nutrient or even plain water. I am not familiar with the skim milk foliar spray. I have heard of it from other gardeners and am aware of the biological process occurring, however I have yet to try this method. I recommend using the Mad Farmer Silica Shield as a part of your nutrient regiment and only apply it as a foliar spray when absolutely necessary. Powdery mildew is relative to the amount of moisture around the leaf surface and by doing too many foliar sprays you put yourself at a greater risk of getting the mildew in the first place. To prevent powdery mildew I recommend using organic sulfur to change the pH of the leaf surface in order to prevent the mildew from being able to colonize the leaf surface. This sulfur can be applied in a wettable spray form, dusted on, or applied through a sulfur burner with heating element. Garden Fungicides with Sulfur as the active ingredient will also be effective. I hope this helps and if you have any further questions feel free to give us a call anytime or shoot me another email at your convenience. Happy Gardening

    Your friends at San Diego Hydroponics and Organics

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