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Product Spotlight: Hang Time Drying Racks

For centuries it has been common for cooks to harvest fresh herbs from the garden and hang them to dry, preserving them to season dishes during the colder months.  With these Hang Time Drying Rack from Sunlight Supply you can continue this tradition, with six levels of space to carefully cure your garden’s bounty of fresh herbs, flowers, or plant materials.

The Hang Time Drying Rack is made from durable polyester netting with wire frames to reinforce the shelving, allowing them to provide an excellent pop-up, sturdy surface to put inside a closet, grow room, or grow tent. To use, simply take it out of the bag, hang it up and let it drop down.  No assembly is required.  For best results, keep your ventilation system turned on to quicken the drying period without dispersing odors into the outside environment.

Drying racks also allow you to avoid the two biggest threats to damp produce, fungus and rot, as these dry racks are made of a breathable mesh material that allows for quick drying and maximum ventilation.   The carabineer clips also allow you to hang it from almost much anywhere you’d like, which enables you can take this drying system with you quickly and easily if you ever need to travel or change harvesting locations.  Once you are done, simply shake off the drying rack and place it back into its storage container.

Benefits of the Hang Time Drying Rack:

·      Medium is 24″ diameter and large is 32″ diameter.
·      Use to easily dry flowers and herbs.
·      Carabineer clip to make hanging simple.
·      Durable polyester netting.
·      Wire frames to make shelves rigid and sturdy.
·      Easy to use, snap together buckles to quickly add or remove shelves.

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