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Planting a Succulent Wall


Planting a succulent wall can be an easy way to add character and color to your outdoor or indoor spaces. There are many types of vertical wall planters to choose depending on your space, budget and design goals. We knew we wanted to make a vertical planter for our “Drought Tolerant Plants” for our FarmScraper display at the San Diego County Fair. We chose to work with fabric wall planters because they are cost effective and matched the “unfinished” look of our FarmScraper.  These fabric planters are ideal for outdoor spaces, covering large areas, and those working on a budget. After you select your wall planter, you will need to buy your plants.

We purchased our succulents from a local wholesale nursery that is open to the public. Plants from this type of nursery will cost far less than those at a larger chain store and will most likely be available in a wider variety. We selected two different sizes of plants as we were using two different wall hangers with different pocket sizes. Next you will want to select your soil.

Selecting a soil for succulents can be tricky. A high quality potting soil mix will usually be a good choice. For this planter, we chose to use Aurrora Innovation’s soilless medium because we knew it would hold moisture for the duration of the fair. Drought tolerant plants will do well in soilless mediums, such as coco mixed with perlite or sand, as long as they are watered and fed periodically. For this particular type of planter, we learned that you need to start with planting the bottom pockets first and then work your way up. After all of the pockets were planted, we gave each one a thorough watering using a Hudson sprayer, knowing that we wouldn’t have to water them again until the soil or grow medium is completely dried out.

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