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Foliar Feeding?

Magic_greenFoliar feeding is essential, if you want maximum yield.

The most common method of providing nutrients to plants is through the roots. This is done by placing nutrients in the soil at the base of the plant. Foliar feeding, an alternate method, provides nutrients through the foliage or leaves of a plant.

Foliar applied fertilizers are three to five times more effective than root nutrition and can successfully reduce the nutritional stress situations of plants.

Foliar applied nutrients can also make elements, such as iron, available to plants when they are not available in the soil, water or hydroponic nutrient solution.

Dispersed along the plant’s leaf surface are small pores called stomata. These pores are channels that gases and liquids pass through. They may occur on either side or both sides of leaves, but most plants have a larger number on the underside of their leaves.

You simply cannot find a better source of all the essential elements of a plant nutrition or a better delivery system.

We recommend Magic Green by House & Garden.

Magic Green

Magic Green is a boost for mother plants, rooted and unrooted cuttings and growing plants. Magic Green is administered by means of sprays with a plant pump or a back-pack sprayer. It is absorbed directly bt the leaves and gives plants back their dark green color and vitality. Magic Green is a gentle plant agent and works within two days.

House & Garden Magic Green is a 100% biological plant booster that not only provides nutrients for the leaves, but also protects the plant against external threats from insects and mold.

With every spray, Magic Green forms a kind of wax film on the leaves to prevent insects and mold from damaging the plant. Magic Green also enhances the plants natural balance. As Magic Green contains all main and trace elements, it may provide a temporary solution when the substrate is disturbed so that the plant cannot absorb nutrients though its root system. This makes it an excellent solution to help the plant through a difficult period.

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