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Flushing Your Plants Before Harvest

Drip Clean House and gardenFlush your plants before harvest.

It is advised that you stop using your flowering fertilizer 2 weeks before harvest time to ensure that all chemicals are out of the plant. If chemicals are in the plant when you harvest, the fruit will be very harsh. To prevent harshness, flush the plants heavily with fresh water 1-2 weeks prior to harvesting them. Ensure you flush at least 3 times the capacity of you container. So a 4 gallon pot would be flushed with 16 gallons of fresh water. From that point water your plants with pure water, absolutely NO additives should be given to the plant. This is especially important if you have been using chemical fertilizers.

Another option would be to use a product such as

Drip Clean, which is an extremely useful agent for anyone working with a drip system or soil containers. Drip Clean works as a magnet, removing dirt particles at every nutrient feeding so that the piping remains clean. Drip Clean futhermore gives plants a boost, improving their greenness and vitality.

Drip Clean is a 100% safe agent for your plants provided it is used in the right proportion.

Drip Clean contains potassium and phosphorus compounds, two very powerful and useful elements in the nutritional plan of the plant. These engineered compounds; one particle has been removed from their structure. The incomplete element thus works as a magnet. As molecules always seek a complete structure, Drip Clean attracts dirt particles with every nutrient feeding keeping the drip system clean. Drip Clean never fails and is a very effective agent against clogged drip systems and piping.

Directions for use:

Drip Clean can be added to the nutrient container during the entire growth. A very small amount of Drip Clean will ensure that your drip system stays clean and much less prone to clogging.

It is recommended that you use Drip Clean from the outset of your vegetative cycle to prevent clogging of your drip system.

An additional benefit is that Drip Clean gives your plants an extra boost as it contains processed nutrients. This is reflected in the color of the leaves (greener) and the firmness of the plants.

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