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Little Helpers: From Shooting Powder to Bushmaster

As gardeners, we always try our best to replicate our plant’s natural environment to the best of our abilities. Sometimes there is only so much we can do. And for the rest of the times, we have specialized additives and products designed to assist us on our quest. The products below range in use from aiding a plants ability to receive light to reducing the time needed to flush nutrients prior to harvest.

Dutch Master’s Liquid Light- Stimulates the stomata; causing them to open and engage photosynthesis. The opening of stomata increases transpiration and gas exchange, which in turn, equates to an increase in light absorption by your plants. Best used with Dutch Master’s Saturator.

Bushmaster- Bushmaster is a kelp based product designed to stunt vertical growth and pulls nodes into tight flower clusters.  If your flowers are spread out or you just want to shorten the flowering period, this is the product for you.

Gravity Bud Hardener- Gravity radically intensifies the density of your flowers. A big helper, especially when co2 is limited.

Shooting Powder- Proven to restart aggressive flowering, Shooting Powder induces a second surge of flower production during the last three weeks of the flowering cycle, resulting in a 30% increase in yield.

Purple Maxx Snowstorm- A combination of organic compounds that not only encourage plants to stack their flowering sites closer together, but also stimulates increased essential oil production.

Final Flush- Nutrient supplementation causes your fruits and flowers to be saturated with chemical buildup. Final Flush safely reduces the time required to flush your plants before harvest. Cut flush times by a full week.

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