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Ask-a-Grower Question #17

I recently purchased the hydrofarm waterfarm drip system. And am trying to do a recirculating system. I was wondering if i bought the megagarden off of you guys,- would 4 of the square baskets that go inside the buckets for the waterfarm, fit  into the mega-garden growing area and if so would there be sufficient growth room for the roots. Im looking to purchase two megagardens and use those for vegetation cycles and the waterfarm drip for flowering. OR.. I was thinking putting 8-10 of the square waterfarm baskets in trays, however i heard they do not allow roots to spread far once they hit the bottom of the tray?, and may cause root damage when moving them in they trays.  So in the end, would 4 square waterfarm baskets fit in the mega garden? Or would it be better to use a 10 inch tall tray with an air pump.

Your best bet would be to throw the water farms into trays. There will be plenty of room for the roots to grow in bloom.

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