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Ask-a-Grower Question #20

Is there a way to get rid of mold late in bloom I have a 456 cfm fan that comes on 15 minutes an hr that works ok but not good enough to reduce it totaly.  I also have a spider mit problem im battling also late in bloom is there a way to eliminate them?

So you have a Mold and Mite problem. With mold you can’t really do anything other then flush and harvest the plants. There is no getting rid of the mold once established on the plant in late bloom without doing serious damage to your ladies.  I would flush and harvest to get rid of the mite and mold problem. Once the plant is harvested the mites will have no more interest. I would advice you to fix the environment once you harvest by adding more fans or running an AC unit, you to try to keep your humidity down as well.  Try using a product called Floramite while plants are still in vegetative growth to prevent an infestation of mites.

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