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Ask-a-Grower Question #31

I live in Alberta Canada.  I have reseeded grass in a old exisiting lawn and 25 spruce trees that are 20 ft tall. The area is three acres and there is a lot of gravel down about 18 in. I can water the trees forever and the tree wells will not hold water. Will mycorrhizal fungi help retain moisture? Can I purchase your products in Canada?

The association that trees have with these types of mycorrhiza is called symbiotic. This is a relationship where each partner shares something it possesses with the other partner. In the case of the spruce and the mycorrhizae (mycorrhizas): The mycorrhizal fungi provide nutrients and water to the trees. Mycorrhiza can be a thousand times more efficient than root hairs at extracting minerals and moisture. The fungi also protect the trees from diseases, that is, they are like the  tree’s immune system.  I’m not familiar with the export/import law’s of Canada. Which product were you hoping to purchase in Canada?

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