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Ask-a-Grower #108

Should I flush my plants at the end of the bloom stage?

Surprisingly, there are two very different points of view regarding this question. Some gardeners, who have a more industry-type mentality, are opposed to flushing. When time is a huge factor and you are trying to get a “x” number of harvest per year, a final flush could be a waste of time and money. However, to most of us, a flush is defiantly recommended. Flushing will reduce the amount of fertilizers left over in your fruit, resulting in better and more natural  tasting flavors and scents in your fruit.

Flushing with reverse osmosis water or a very diluted nutrient solution (like 25% strength) are great ways to flush your garden. There are also products available to help this process along. But the final flush should consist of 7-10 days of  fresh, pH correct water or 2-3 days when utilizing a flushing agent.

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