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Grow tips: Get more from your veg.

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Wanna give your plants an extra burst of life during the vegetative stage? Consider using House and Garden’s Magic Green. Magic Green is a foliar spray that delivers micro-nutrients and beneficial bacteria directly onto your leaf’s surface, giving your plants a noticeable boost in vigor and strength. Aaaaaahhhh Magic Green, give your plants a little […]

Fungus Gnat Control – Gardening Pests Part 5

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The problem with fungus gnats is their larvae. The adults are just annoying and make your garden feel like a jungle. The larvae live in the medium and feed on your roots ultimately hindering growth. This can also cause root rot as the roots are damaged, giving harmful bacteria a place to live.  Adult Gnats […]

Controlling Whitefly – Gardening Pests Part 4

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Getting rid of Whiteflies Whiteflies are a common pest and there are a few ways to deal with them. It is actually the larvae that feed on the plant Once they hatch from the eggs and they feed, the larvae leave behind a sticky residue, called honeydew, which adheres to the leaves and provides a […]

Getting Rid Of Aphids – Gardening Pests Part 3

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Getting Rid Of Aphids? What type do you have? Standard top feeding aphids or root aphids. Now the standard aphids that live on the leaves are pretty easy to deal with, however, the root aphids are possibly the worst pests I’ve ever dealt with. Don’t worry though, there is a solution. I can tell you […]

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Thrips – Gardening Pests Part 2

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THRIPS!! Now we come to the next pest.  The Thrip. These little deviants can be a pain but are, in my opinion, easy to deal with. Thrips look a lot like many other insects but with one main difference. These little pickpockets jump. So if you approach your garden and see slender white bugs pulling [Read More]

Killing Spider Mites – Gardening Pests Part 1

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Gardening can be a satisfying and altogether great experience. Whether or not you are selling your herbs and veggies to local markets or consuming them for personal use, bottom line is they equal money. Pests can literally go into your pockets and steal from you in a matter of days. S.D. Hydro has decided that […]

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