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Thrips – Gardening Pests Part 2


Now we come to the next pest.  The Thrip. These little deviants can be a pain but are, in my opinion, easy to deal with.

Thrips look a lot like many other insects but with one main difference. These little pickpockets jump. So if you approach your garden and see slender white bugs pulling an air Jordan you can bet they are Thrips. They feed much like spider mites by sucking the nutrients right from the leaf. The marks they leave, however, are different. They look a lot like scrape marks or sometimes spit on the tops of leaves.

Thrip’s larvae live in the medium eventually growing into adults and making their way up onto the plant. You can try to kill them with pyrethrum sprays or bombs but these prove to be mostly ineffective. The best product to use is called Monterrey Bay. It is organic and contains Spinosad, which is a bacteria that infects these critters, causing death. Since the larvae live in the medium it is best to do bi weekly drench applications along with foliar applications on the plant itself. The bacteria lingers around and anytime the Thrip passes across a sprayed area, it becomes infected and dies. All of the growers that I have suggested this method to have had success so I am confident that it will work for you.

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