Posts published on February 2011

Ask-a-Grower #143


This is a follow up question on the House and Garden Magic Green. I want to give my babies the best so is it a good idea to mix a spray bottle with the H&G Magic Green, Liquid Seaweed, Dutch Master Saturator and Dutch Master Liquid Light all in the same bottle and apply it at the same time? [Read answer here]

Ask-a-Grower #140

Ask a Grower

Is there anyway sdhydroponics can carry the parts to the various trench, Aquaponic & Aeroponic systems that are available so that a guy like me can either fab a system or rebuild an old system without running around to the local specialty shops for parts? [Read answer here]

Ask-a-Grower #137

Ask a Grower

I’m new to growing and I need to grow some flowers between 6-12. I need the whole set up. I prefer to have them in a close confined area where I can control the smell due to allergies. Where do i start? [Read answer here]

Ask-a-Grower #136

Ask a Grower

I am currently using the Lucas formula with G.H base nutrients; I am in the 4th week of flowering. Considering switching to house and garden nutrients. Can I switch my A&B nutrients during a cycle or should I finish with G.H? [Read answer here]

Ask-a-Grower #134

Ask a Grower

I asked for the fluids for my Hanna pen and 2 times they gave me the Hanna HI 7032 and I can’t calibrate the meter correctly. The stuff is expensive you know. Also, I was told I can’t use the less costing solutions because they mess up the meter, I found this is NOT true. It is only ph calibrated water. What gives? [Read answer here]

Ask-a-Grower #133

Ask a Grower

I am coming from out of town and was hoping to pick up a few things at your Beach Cities store. Just want to make sure they are in stock. 1-HORTILUX SUPER HPS EN™ 600 watt HPS Bulb, and 1- 600 watt Sun System Harvest Pro Elite HPS Ballast. I will be in town Friday the 7th hopefully they are in stock and we can do business. [Read answer here]