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Ask-a-Grower #128

I am just getting started with my garden in my small space closet and I’m trying to have 3 plants, one in vegetative stage, one in flowering stage and one in Blooming stage. What are some things I can do to get started? I have the Ph kit, a 250 watt hanging lamp and regular type fluorescents; 8 bulbs of those together. Maybe if you could just help me know what to use, keep or new things to get.

You can definitely get going with the lights that you have.  In most plants life there are only 2 main growing phase : Vegetative and flowering.  The flowering phase is the bloom phase.  You can then break down the main growing phases down, germination (cloning/seed starting), early veg, late veg, transition, early bloom, mid bloom, and then a ripening stage before harvest.

Personally, I like to have two rooms. Bloom room and Veg room.  My veg is usually a little smaller than the bloom because the plants are usually not as big.  As long as you keep one plant in veg at any time you can cut a clone for the next cycle.  As far as the extra items you would need, fans for ventilation (fresh air in, circulate, then hot air out),  and whatever you want the plants in(hydro or soil). Also you still need plant food, we have many different brands. Call any location or email for more in depth info.

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