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Ask-a-Grower #144 – How to keep pests out of your garden

This is the 1st year I have ever tried my own veggie/fruit garden and any can’t live without tips. What is the best way to keep critters from eating my garden? I heard magnolia plants deter critters.

Are you growing indoors or outdoors?  Do you want to grow with soil? There are many tips with growing.  I always recommend using high quality ingredients (good soils and fertilizers).  My favorite soils are Fox Farm (they have 2 different potting soil mixes) and Roots Organics (they make 3 different soil mixes and also a soilless mix).  As far as the pests there are a lot of different organic and non-organic pesticides and fungicides used to fight off problems.  Best piece of advice is ‘PREVENTION”, don’t let the critters get there in the first place.  Please answer back so we can give you more tips based on what type of garden you are getting into (size of area, indoor/outdoor, soil/hydroponics, organic/non-organic, etc…). I hope this was helpful and I’ll be looking forward to your response.  Also you can always call any location and check us out at .

I am growing indoors. I live in Lakeside. As far as I can tell the dirt is a pretty rich color and seems dirt like, not sandy, not rocky.

If growing indoors you have the ability to control environment.  So with the proper equipment we can grow almost any plant any time of the year.  Pick the types of plants you would like to grow and research what climate they do best in.  As far as soil I recommend any one of the brands we carry, (Fox Farm, Roots Organics, Royal Gold, etc). Our soils are rich in nutrients and pest and disease free.  Most soils from nurseries and places like home depot are good BUT don’t have the quality control when it comes to pests and disease.  Our soils are all stored indoors away from problems. I was hoping you could come to one of our locations (find us at www.  This way we can walk you through any questions you may have.

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