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Ask-a-Grower #145 – How do I use Roots Excelurator?

I just picked up H&G Magic Green and some Big Bloom and they also gave me Root Excelurator for singing up on your mailing list. The guy at the front didn’t really have any idea how to use the Root Excelurator and since it didn’t come with a label I was wondering if you knew when and how to apply it?

Yeah I’m glad you got the H&G Magic Green, I love it.  Just remember there is no need to overdo it.  I stick with 5ml per gal once a week foliar spray with lights off.  The Root Excelurator is one of my favorite products period.  It is the most concentrated root stimulator on the market.  It consists of an array of beneficial bacteria.  These bacterium aid in root growth and actually form a membrane around the roots protecting them from disease.  It will actually cure root rot!  I use Root Excelurator during the entire veg stage through the first half of flower. Some people will use it throughout the whole life cycle.  By the time you are halfway through flower, the beneficial bacteria should be built up enough in the root zone that more is not needed (with more it won’t hurt, just wasteful.)  Also can you let me know what store you went to and who helped you?  All of our employees should know about our “best” product.

Thanks for the info as always. I live in OB so I go to your PB location. I’m not sure who the gentleman was who helped me. Even though he didn’t know the specifications of the root excelurator he was very nice and helpful. It goes without saying that it will not steer me away from shopping there again.

Awesome! And as always thanks for your business and input.  Enjoy the roots, and we will continue to work on the development of our employees’ knowledge. Have a good one and peace.

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