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Ask-a-Grower #149 – Dilution rate for Plant Success Mycorrhizae

I just bought plant success soluble and was wondering what the dilution rate was for a 10 gallon rez with Fox Farm nutes for week 3. I currently used 2 tablespoons for 10 gallons and as per the box it says to use 3 tsp. per 12 gallons = 2.5 tbsp. for 10 gallons. It came with a scoop which is 1 tsp. and read somewhere for hydro it’s going to be 2 tsp. (2 scoops) for 10 gallons. Is this correct and if so I got 4 tsp. of this stuff extra in there. Will it hurt?  What bad it will do?

I have never seen or heard of anybody having a problem with TOO MUCH mycorrhizae.  Using too much is just wasteful.  The current dosage for the soluble is 2 scoops per 10 gal or 2 teaspoons per 10 gal.  Personally I use Plant Success Great White.  The label says to use it every 2 weeks.  Well, when I first started using Great White I used it with every feeding.  The plants still loved it! I just found out I still get great results with Plant Success’ recommendations and it saved me money.  I hope this has been helpful and if you have any more questions please email ask-a-grower@ or call 619.796.1857.

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