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Ask-a-Grower #150 – Do indoor seedlings need mulch?

Do indoor seedlings need mulch?

I say “NO” you do not NEED mulch.  Most seedlings do not need mulch.   In my experience with seedlings, I found that they like any medium that has good drainage and light nutrients. I have never used ”only mulch” for any application.  I have always used mulch as a soil amendment.  There are some really good companies that make products that are great for seedlings.  I use a few different ones.  My favorites are (not in any particular order):

Fox Farm Light Warrior- a blend of peat and perlite, very fast draining. Plus it also has beneficial microbes and humic acids, a great base for building great roots.

Fox Farm Ocean Forest is a great potting soil it is just very “HOT” or too strong in nutrients for most seedlings.  When I use this I always add 40% Light Warrior.

BioBizz Light-Mix is another really good soil for seedlings or smaller plants because it has a “light” nutrient content.

Also I ALWAYS use House and Garden Root Excelurator with all of my seedlings and throughout all of Veg.  It contains many species of beneficial bacteria that protect roots and stimulate root growth.  I feel it’s the most important part of my program, ROOTS.  The healthier my roots are, the healthier my fruits. Check it out at

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