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Ask-a-Grower #152 – How many Current Culture sites under a 600w?

I currently run a 3 x 3 tray with 600w light. I am using a SOG method. I hear Current Culture can be much more productive. If so, how many sites under a 600w?

I actually run 2 600w lights over an 8 bucket current culture system.  Totally different style than your SOG. I have been running the system for only 2 runs so far.  I have not noticed a big yield increase, so far it’s been consistent with what I’m used to.  I can say that the growth rate is noticeably faster in Veg.  Also this system has been really easy for me to work with, less plants, less water changes, and because the plants are always feeding less nutrients.  If you still want to run SOG current culture makes different lids for multiple plant sites. Check them out at

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