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Ask-a-Grower #155 – Aeroponics to accelerate veg growth?

This is my second grow, first went very well. I want to try something different. Veg and clone in an aeroponics system (diversion using 4 inch pvc pipes) then transplant to a top feed system with a coco medium. Is this a good idea? I used only coco and top feed last time with great success. I am just looking to speed veg growth.

Aeroponic systems are one of the fastest production systems available.  They offer extremely high levels of oxygen to the roots.  Most systems are run off of recycle timers where the pumps will spray for a few minutes and turn off for x amount of time.  This is all depending on type and size of plants.  Something to be aware of with aeroponics is the maintenance.  The system has more parts to it which can clog.  So there will be more cleaning needed to ensure a proper system.  Also choose your nutrients wisely.  Because of the small sprayers nutrients that are more “salty” can build up faster than others.  One more thing is to be aware of your nutrient levels.  I recommend starting with lower nutrient levels because of how easily the plants can absorb nutrients.  With aeroponics less is typically best.  I hope this has helped you and if you have any other questions please email ask-a-grower@ or call us at 619.796.1857.

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