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Ask-a-Grower Podcast #1 – House & Garden Nutrients Roots Excelurator


Transcription: Introducing Roots Excelurator So we are here this morning talking about House & Garden products and we are going to start with Roots Excelurator.  Roots Excelurator is the top showpiece in the House and Garden nutrient line. It’s a root stimulant that actually works by forming a membrane around the roots. It’s full of […]

Ask-a-Grower #157 – How much will 1 light cover?

Ask a Grower

What is the grow area one light will cover? I know it depends on the reflector/bulb wattage, so here is my scenario…my grow area is 5ft long x 2ft wide with an 8ft ceiling height. Would a 600watt HPS with air-cooled rectangle shaped reflector be enough for the 5ft of length? Or should I use 2 400watt HPS with similar reflectors side by side to cover the length? I plan to use 1sqft of space per plant, 2 rows of 5 plants totaling 10 plants. [Read answer here]