Posts published on April 2011

Ask-a-Grower #171-How do I identify different pests?

Ask a Grower

Can you please describe your pests in more detail. How big are they? Where do they look like they are coming from? (Foliage or root zone) What color are they? Do you see any other bugs that could be their larvae? For you see any damage on the plants? The wings are longer than the black body. And so small I need a magnifying glass. I got a few hundred on the yellow & blue stickies in 20×15 room. They fly and bump into my hoods. I seem to catch a bunch and used azatrol in a hand sprayer all over. Any potential damage or signs to look for? [Read answer here]

Ask-a-Grower #169-Can I buy House and Garden part A or B seperately?

Ask a Grower

I came in wanting to buy a CoCo A&B 20L and accidentally walked out with a Bio 1 Component Soil and a CoCo B. My cousin already opened it (Bio) up and will sell it on craigslist. Is it possible to buy just the CoCo A 20L from you guys online or on the phone and have him pick it up in the store. I’m currently out of town. Otherwise I can wire him the money and do it that way. You can only buy both sets online. [Read answer here]

Ask-a-Grower Podcast #14-Aurora Innovations-Roots Organics & Soul Synthetics


Introducing Aurora Innovations

Welcome to Ask-A-Grower folks, we have Aurora Innovations in the house. Ron, tell us something about Aurora.

I’d love to. We actually started out as one of the last American ballast-making companies. That was a big thing for us for a while. The source of the name, Aurora Innovations comes from – Aurora for the light and Innovations for the obvious reasons. Eventually there was just no competing with China, when it came to ballasts. Essentially, in similar fashion, we started with a soilless mix – about 10 years ago – and quickly added a soil that ended up blowing up in Northern California.

Ask-a-Grower #167 – What is the process for taking clones?

Ask a Grower

What is the process for taking clones? I bought rapidgrow blue powder, rockwool cubes, a tray and dome, and a heat mat. I know how to take the cuts and get everything set up but don’t quite know how much water I should be giving them. I usually soak the cubes prior to inserting the cut and close the dome for at least 7 days…after that I looked in and all the cubes were one dry so I gave them some water…please help. [Read answer here]