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Ask-a-Grower Podcast #9 – House & Garden Nutrients 1-Component Soils


Introducing the 1-Component Soils

Alright, so we are sitting over here at SD Hydroponics, talking about House and Garden Nutrients. So moving onto the base nutrients and we have are our one component soil mixtures. House and Garden has two one component soil mixtures, the Bio One Component and the One Component Soil.  One Component is basically all your micro-macro nutrients base fertilizers in one bottle for soils that are already amended with some sort of calcium or lime or something like that. There is no calcium in the one component mixes. The Bio One Component is the House and Garden organic version, and the One Component is the mineral based version. All House and Garden products are food grade fertilizers.

Bio One Component does have more organic feel to it, organics flavors, be careful when using in reservoirs or with different systems because it is more mucky, it’s a thicker product. So the One Component soil mixture does not contain calcium. So in soil mixes you are going to add more calcium when you come into the flowering stages, and you can do that in a myriad of ways, but you are going to want to add more calcium in the flowering stage when you are using a One Component mix.

Basically a lot of the soils that you purchase from the store already have lime in them, so you can use the Bio no problem there in the beginning, but at the lime gets fed upon or depletes, it will be a good idea to add calcium back into the formula.

Bio One Component and One Component Soil are one part based nutrients, it still recommended to use the other the additives and stimulants from House & Garden.

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