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Ask-a-Grower Podcast #13-House & Garden Nutrients Hydros A&B


Transcription Introducing Hydros A&B: We’re sitting around San Diego Hydroponics talking about the House & Garden’s base nutrients, we have moved onto the Hydros A & B. The Hydros A & B are basically base nutrients designed specifically for drain to waste. Not too much more to say about it…. All the base nutrients from […]

Ask-a-Grower Podcast #12-House & Garden Nutrients Cocos A&B


Transcription: Introducing Cocos A&B We are at San Diego Hydroponics talking about House and Garden nutrients, we are onto the base nutrients and we’re talking about the Cocos A & B. If you have ever grown with the coco before you know it takes an extremely precise nutrient formulation to get it just right with […]

Ask-a-Grower Podcast #11-House & Garden Nutrients Aqua Flakes A&B


Transcription: Introducing Aqua Flakes A&B We’re sitting here at San Diego Hydroponics, and we’re talking about House and Garden Nutrients. We’re moving on to some other base nutrients…and we’re moving on to Aqua Flakes A&B. Aqua Flakes A&B is specifically for re-circulating hydroponics. They have increased levels of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients. Basically, in a re-circulating […]

Ask-a-Grower Podcast #10-House & Garden Nutrients Soil A&B


Transcription Introducing Soil A&B: We are sitting here this morning at San Diego Hydroponics, talking about House & Garden products, talking about Soil A & B now.   Soil A / B is a base nutrient, this one contains lime.  The soil A & B has lime in it, as opposed to the One Component Soil […]



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The Chronicle -Issue 005- New Podcast Series

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Website – Free Worm Tea – Knowledge Base – Store Locations – Contact Us What’s New At The Shop? What are the the Ask-A-Grower Podcasts?  They are information packed interviews with our industry’s leading minds and manufacturers.  In our efforts to bring you truly the best material, SD Hydro has been actively embracing new technologies […]

Ask-a-Grower Podcast #9 – House & Garden Nutrients 1-Component Soils


Transcription Introducing the 1-Component Soils Alright, so we are sitting over here at SD Hydroponics, talking about H&G Nutrients. So moving onto the base nutrients and we have are our one component soil mixtures. H&G has two one component soil mixtures, the Bio One Component and the One Component Soil.  One Component is basically all […]