Posts published on May 2011

Ask-a-Grower Podcast #29-Supernatural


Hi folks, we are here with Miles from Supernatural. You may have seen that quirky looking bottle on hydro store shelves. They’ve been around forever.
Why don’t you tell us a little bit about Supernatural, Miles?

Basically, Supernatural were a one part, we’ve been around forever. Now don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean we haven’t made any changes or advancements. Our products are better than ever. It’s one part, it’s simple, it’s great for new-growers, it’s PH buffered – you
don’t need a PH pen – as long as your water is drinkable; it’s got tons of Cal-Mag, it has ammonia free calcium nitrate in it. It’s buffered so it
will start lower on the PH scale and it will slowly rise. And if you use soil, it will slowly rise in the soil. If you use hydroponics it will slowly rise.

Ask-a-Grower Podcast #27-Organic All Phase-The Other Tomato


Hi. Welcome to Ask-a-Grower.
We are here today at SDhydroponics at our 2011 version of Customer Appreciation
We are going to talk to Larry of The Other Tomato. They have a new product; actually
it’s an old product that started to get some buzz around here in San Diego. We wanted
to get him in here for an interview.

Ask-a-Grower #178-Is Roots Excelurator worth the price?

Ask a Grower

I currently am putting together my list of nutrients to buy for growing in medium. I read Root Excelurator claims it’s second to none, but is it worth the price. I was under the assumption a rooting formula should have at least 3 necessity chemicals (forget them). I just wanted to hear your opinion if there may be a better alternative for much less that does the same thing. I was also considering inducing Humboldt’s White Window after 3-4 days of cloning. [Read answer here]

Ask-a-Grower Podcast #24-HumCo Hydroponics


Transcription Introducing HumCo Hydroponics We’re here with HumCo Hydroponics at the Maximum Yield Indoor Garden Expo 2011. We will talk about HumCo Buckets with Adam. Adam, can you tell us something about the buckets? Yes. We have HumCo buckets that are made out of post consumer recycled green buckets – so the green is green. […]