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SD Hydro at the Healing Arts fest

Last weekend San Diego Hydroponics packed up the Twist of Fate and headed to the Healing Arts Festival, the Alternative Healing Network’s event that was planned to coincide with San Diego’s long running Roots Fest. This eclectic combination of music and arts drew in folks of all ages and cultures.  We shared our space with friends Grow Big Expo, Sinclair Stratton, and seedleSs clothing, enjoying local music, meeting hundreds of new smiling faces and introducing them to the hydroponics and organic gardening industry.

Our philosophy to promote self sufficiency and sustainability through education was put into action as well. We handed out 500 free packs of basil seeds, in hopes of inspiring people to “grow your own.”  The response was great, a big hit among San Diego gardeners and the eco-conscious crowd. Over 250 people entered to win our free raffle, the winners will be announced via email.

Grow Big Expo, San Diego’s largest and longest running indoor gardening expo offered a free bean bag toss with more chances to win cool stuff, including tickets to their event. They will be at the San Diego Concourse August 28th-29th with some of the hydroponics industry’s most prominent leaders.

Sinclair Stratton brightened up the scene with her vibrant watercolor animal art. She displayed some of her most impressive pieces while painting new ones on the spot.

Local clothing company and pro skaters from seedleSs clothing displayed their unique threads that have become a staple among San Diego locals. Their classic logo and slogan  “think green and grow your mind” is widely recognized.

The colorful Twist of Fate party bus bordering our booth created quite a buzz as well. It’s open doors invited people in to admire the bus’s custom designs and intricate artwork. The Twist of Fate is available for private events!

All in all, San Diego Hydroponics and Organics had a great time this weekend at the Healing Arts/Roots Fest. We are looking forward to a productive, fun filled summer participating in many of the upcoming events and community functions. We are always on the lookout for the next opportunity to educate the public about the benefits and sustainability of hydroponics and organic gardening. Remember, when you grow your own, it’s grown with love!

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