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What is Chelation?

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The word chelate (pronounced: “key-late”) is derived from the Greek word “chele” which literally means “claw”, a rather fitting association because chelation is a process somewhat like grasping and holding something with a claw. Chelation occurs when certain large molecules form multiple bonds with a micronutrient, protecting it from reacting with other elements in the […]

Terra Preta Soils: The Benefits of Biochar

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Thousands of years ago, the Amazon Indians created Terra Preta soils, which are, in every which way, the most amazingly productive form of agriculture. It is 300% more productive than the very best modern efforts – and this without any chemical fertilizers, equipment, and application costs. The indigenous farmers in these regions simply dug a […]

Living Christmas Tree Programs

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For this holiday season, celebrate the gift of life with a living Christmas tree. Each year, thousands of Americans embrace the tradition of choosing a Christmas tree for their home and decorating it with their families. Part of that custom includes going to a Christmas tree lot where countless trees are cut down to decorate […]

Bountea Hydrate vs Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters

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It’s not easy making sense of all the different water filters out there. There are many options available, however only the Bountea Hydrate inline water purification system produces water that is optimal for plant growth and development. Producing between 3 and 5 gallons per minute, it’s an appropriate size for most indoor gardens. Unlike reverse […]

Tap Water vs Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters

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Serious gardeners have long realized how important pure water is to the success of their crops. Using purified water allows you to push your plants to their limits, increasing growth capability and yield. After all, water is the very essence of hydroponics and therefore the most important component to a healthy garden. If you look […]

Bountea Hydrate Filter vs Tap Water

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Most of us can agree that it is smart to drink only the healthiest and highest quality water available. This principle should also be applied to the water that we use to water our plants – the very plants that we will one day consume. The water that we use to feed our gardens ultimately […]

Compost Tea Recipe by Organic Bountea

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What is Compost Tea? Compost tea is an organic liquid fertilizer made by steeping, or brewing, compost in water. Regular applications of compost tea can boost the number and diversity of microorganisms in the soil, improving soil structure and increasing the health and vigor of plants. Some of the many benefits of compost tea include: […]

BeThe Chronicle-Issue 010-Harvest Issue

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In this issue from Benefits of Silica  -  Amino Treatment  -  Free Chart  -  Holiday Deals -  Visit Amsterdam How would you like to increase your plants’ resistance against common fungal diseases, such as powdery mildew and gray mold? Are you looking for an environmentally friendly way to protect your plants against stress, heat, […]

The Chronicle-Issue 009-Chula Vista Grand Opening

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Website – Price Match Policy – Knowledge Base – Locations & Hours – Contact Us SAVE UP TO 30% THIS WEEK! SD Hydro's newest location is now open.  Conveniently nestled just east of the 5 Fwy between Palomar & Main Streets.  We hope all of you South County residents take advantage of our new outpost, […]