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Using House & Garden’s Drip Clean

house and garden drip cleanSalt buildup in the root zone can cause numerous difficulties, reducing plant growth and vigor by altering water uptake and causing toxicities or imbalances. Only House & Garden’s Drip Clean uses ionic bonding to safely remove excess salt molecules from the soil or growing medium, preventing salt buildup and allowing plants to thrive.

Originally designed to keep drip systems running optimally, Drip Clean has quickly become the industry standard for all hydroponic and aeroponic systems. When used at every feeding, Drip Clean prevents nutrients from binding and solids from forming, keeping your reservoir clean. Drip Clean also keeps your soil or growing medium at an optimal EC/TDS level, so you won’t have to flush it as often as it will remove salt buildup.

What are the Benefits of Drip Clean?

House & Garden’s Drip Clean prevents blockages and clogging within your gardening system while providing plants with a vital boost of energy. This product is highly concentrated and therefore very economical to use. One liter of Drip Clean will treat up to 2,500 gallons! It also helps to reduce flush times at the end of every harvest, so you can flush for only 3-4 days rather than a full week.

How Does Drip Clean Work?

Drip Clean contains potassium and phosphorous compounds, two very useful elements. By removing one of the electrons and altering the state of these molecules, they will seek to form ionic bonds with oppositely charged ions in the nutrient solution to become stable. When Drip Clean is run through the system, it grabs the excess salt molecules and flushes them out with it. This provides your nutrient program a clean slate to work on, without excessive salt build-up or nutrient lockout.

When Should I Use Drip Clean?

Use Drip Clean at every feeding throughout the entire life of the plant at a rate of 0.4ml/gallon (about 20 drops per gallon of water). Drip Clean is compatible with all organic and synthetic nutrient lines. Recommended for soil, container gardening, and hydroponic systems.

Can I use Drip Clean Late in the Growing Cycle?

Drip Clean is a preventive agent and should be added from the very first day of growth. Be cautious when introducing Drip Clean late into the cycle, as it will release salt that is built up in the containers, the tubing, or the medium, and flush it through the root system, possibly burning the plant. We suggest introducing Drip Clean slowly to avoid nutrient burn if adding later in the cycle.

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