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Grow Tips: Add acid to your roots

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When fulvic acid is added to your root zone, it attaches to the most important and neglected trace elements and other nutrients your plants need so they can give you lush vegetative growth and massive yields. Mad Farmer’s N.U.T.S. stands for Nutrient Up-Take Solution and is an organic, cold water extracted fulvic acid derived from […]

Grow Tips: Early flowering with Top Booster

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By giving the plant the impression that the final phase of its life cycle has begun, House & Garden’s Top Booster forces the plant to create flowers and fruits in order to ensure its survival. The early triggering of the final flowering period allows the plant more time to develop larger and more robust yields.  […]

Grow tips: Get more from your veg.

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Wanna give your plants an extra burst of life during the vegetative stage? Consider using House and Garden’s Magic Green. Magic Green is a foliar spray that delivers micro-nutrients and beneficial bacteria directly onto your leaf’s surface, giving your plants a noticeable boost in vigor and strength. Aaaaaahhhh Magic Green, give your plants a little […]