Grow Your Own

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Grow your Own

Grow your own cannabis at home for as low as $1.40 - $2.80 per gram!

Visit any SD Hydro store for a FREE garden consultation for your indoor or outdoor setup.
*Our price per gram estimates are based on the following:
- 3 week veg & 8 week bloom growing cycle
- 1/2 - 1 lb. cured product
- 315 CMH at $.38 cents per kWh
- Using full line of premium quality nutrients
- Cost of water, soil, bulb maintenance, plant support, IPM, etc.
- Start-up costs not included
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Cost Per Gram Info Sheet
Grow your own cannabis for as low as $1.40 - $2.80 per gram. Click here to see how we came up with this range.
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Start Up Packages
Our 6 Plant Package deals come with everything you need to start growing starting at just $475! All of our packages are fully customizable and can work with any budget.
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Our comprehensive consultations include helping you asses lighting needs, feeding schedules, pest management and more!
Our team has 100+ years of combined gardening
experience and knowledge.
Advice you can trust and pricing that cannot be beat.