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How to Grow Hydroponically – Overview of Grow Systems

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One of the first choices you’ll have to make in your life as a gardener is settling in on the system that you’re going to use to grow your plants in. It can often be difficult to choose which type of system to use because there are so many different systems available. In this article we will take a look at various grow systems, including drip systems, ebb & flow, deep water culture (DWC), Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Aeroponics and Aquaponics. There are hundreds of variations on these basic types of systems, but all hydroponic methods are a variation (or combination) of these.

5 Tips to Prevent Pythium

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Pythium (or “root rot”) is a destructive root-parasitic pathogen that directly attacks the root system of the plant, causing normally healthy white roots to turn brown and mushy. When the infection is severe, the lower portion of the stem can become slimy and black. In recirculating systems, this infected root mass will also contaminate the other plants that reside in that system.

House & Garden 101


In the last 10 years, House & Garden has become a reliable and successful supplier and producer of quality nutrients and stimulants.

This success has been achieved in close cooperation with scientists, laboratory technicians and physicists, each of whom specializes in a branch of botany.

House & Garden nutrients have an entirely new composition, structure and method of preparation. This has proved to be a winning formula and within a very brief period has attracted a substantial number of loyal and satisfied users worldwide.

Aqua Flakes A&B

The complete base nutrient for recirculating hydroponics-Hydroton, Oasis Cubes, Rockwool and Coco. Aqua Flakes is especially suited for recirculating hydroponic systems. Nutrient water stays fresh and pure, at the same time, the balanced nutrients ensure optimal nutrient absorption by the plant at every  feeding.

Soil  A&B

Never before have nutrients and soil been so well attuned. This unique composition ensures that soil and nutrients are used to their full advantage. This gives the plant optimal strength during the growth and flowering periods.

Shooting Powder

Shooting Powder is the most explosive bloom stimulator on the market.  You will see immediate results within 24-72 hours depending on medium type. Extensively researched and tested, Shooting Powder gives you results you can plainly see in just a couple of days.  Packaged in  easy  to use  hermetically  sealed  aluminum sachets to ensure 100% purity, just add 1 or 2 sachets per 25 gallons to your normal nutrient scheme  in  the  last  three  weeks  before  flushing.   You  will  not  be  disappointed! This incredible late flowering stimulator can be used with all nutrient lines on the market but works best with House & Garden’s Bud XL.

1-Component Soil

1-Component Soil nutrient is easily identified as a top class plant nutrient. Over the last few years, this top seller has generated a high degree of customer satisfaction. Due to its unique composition and simplicity of use, many customers think this nutrient is by far the best there is. This nutrient contains no calcium so be sure to add a calcium component when switching to bloom.

House & Garden has combined high-grade and pure, organic and mineral nutrients into a perfectly balanced and extremely effective organic one part nutrient called Bio 1- Component Soil, which is enriched with useful micro-organisms. Bio 1 – Component  plays an important role in the synthesis of protiens, enzyme complexes and  flowering regulations of plants . The accelerated soil life significantly improves the soil structure.

Roots Excelurator

This is the most powerful root stimulator available in today’s market.  Using only 1.1ml per gallon (this is the least expensive rooting agent per gallon of feed water on the market), Roots Excelurator will provide explosive root growth and rid the plant of brown roots. This amazing biological water and/or soil treatment will protect the root zone, ridding the plant of unwanted microbial pests. This  beneficial root stimulator will out perform all other root products! Roots Excelurator is packaged  in  an aluminum  canister to preserve organic  ingredients and  beneficial  organisms. Use on all rooting mediums as well as through the vegetative  and early  flowering stages.

Magic Green

Really gives your plants more pep. A premium foliar nutrient solution and beneficial organism booster is what you’ll find when using Magic Green. This product will optimally nourish your plants through the leaves and strengthen your plants natural defenses Instantly greening up plants in all growth phases!  Magic Green ensures extra vitality of  your  plants  and  enforces that the plants get all they need for a successful flowering period.  Foliar spray with only 5-10ml per liter for rooted cuttings, mothers, and vegetative growth and you’ll learn why this product is called “Magic” green.


Bud-XL is a product that incorporates many products available today into one bottle. It has the unique ability to extract sugars from the leaf of the plant and transfer them to the fruit. The fruit is thus made sweeter and its taste improved. Bud-XL also increases the size and robustness of the flower, resulting in an increase in fruit production and a greater yield.  Bud-XL uses enzyme processes to extract sugars from the large bracts to store them in the fruit or flower of the plant. Start adding Bud-XL to your nutrient after the first flowers are formed. This is the period when the big bract loses its function. By adding Bud-XL you ensure that the plant’s energy is no longer used for keeping the bract, but is directed to forming flowers and fruits. Simultaneously, Bud-XL extracts  sugars from the bract and transports them to the fruit. Use in conjunction with Top Booster and Shooting Powder for best results.

Drip Clean

Drip Clean is unparalleled in the U.S. market today because it prevents any salt build up in any plant, medium or solution throughout the growing cycle.  Drip Clean acts like a magnet, removing salt particles at every nutrient feeding  so that plants,  piping and  medium  remain clean and salt-free.  This gives your nutrient program a clean slate to work on, never slowing down due to excessive salt build up and never allowing nutrient lock-out.  Furthermore, Drip Clean gives plants a boost, improving their greenness and vitality and ensures no nutrient residue remains after harvest.  Using only 0.4ml per gallon of feed water, this 1 liter bottle will last a long time (2,500 gallons worth), even for the largest production lines.

Multi Zen

Multi Zen is the most concentrated of all the enzyme products on the market at  only  3.8ml per  gallon.  Multi Zen has  been  formulated to assist the plant in absorbing a complete array of vitamins, organic and inorganic compounds. Providing coenzymes also helps  promote  maximum growth potential for the plants  and  assistance to create a  healthy  beneficial micro-organism colony. The enzymes convert the nutrient into ready to use elements making it easy to assimilate by the plant.  This means that Multi Zen can be added to and will improve any existing nutrient formula.  Used in early bloom, Multi Zen can help build plant structure and enable the plant to build a strong nutrient delivery system for a bountiful future harvest.

Coco A&B

Within an extremely short period of time, this wonderfully balanced nutrient has created a substantial group of satisfied commercial gardeners, securing H&G Coco A&B nutrient an important position in the market.