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5 Tips to Prevent Pythium

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Pythium (or “root rot”) is a destructive root-parasitic pathogen that directly attacks the root system of the plant, causing normally healthy white roots to turn brown and mushy. When the infection is severe, the lower portion of the stem can become slimy and black. In recirculating systems, this infected root mass will also contaminate the other plants that reside in that system.

Guide to Organic Pest Control

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Contrary to what most people believe, “organic” does not automatically mean “pesticide-free”. It means that these pesticides, if used, must be derived from natural sources, not synthetically manufactured. All pesticides, whether they are organically or synthetically derived, have some degree of toxicity, and therefore potential to harm human health and the environment. To reduce their use, many organic farmers focus on a system of integrated pest management (IPM), which is an eco-friendly technique of controlling pests through the use of long term prevention and environmental balancing strategies.